Monday, 22 February 2021

Selling an antique edged weapon or just want to know what you have (IDs, valuations, appraisals)?

I have many years experience in the antique swords. I buy antique military swords, and I am an auction valuer for them, able to ID / value / appraise your antique sword for a low fee.

1) Selling a vintage / antique military edged weapon?

If you have a genuine vintage or antique military sword, sabre, dagger, cutlass, gunto, etc. and want to sell it, IF you are in the UK, I would love to make you an offer (I can pay in advance and arrange collection). Please: UK only, and no reproductions, fantasy, samurai, tourist, etc. items.

Email me / click here and send clear photos of the item(s) you want to sell here (do NOT use this email for IDs / Valuations)

Please let me have any pertinent information on its condition and history

If the item is of interest, I will respond within 24 hours. I may have questions or may be able to make an immediate offer depending on your photos / information. If I make an offer, it will be just that (I will not provide an identification / valuation of the item, just tell you how much I would pay and how to go about the sale).

Again, please do not use the above email for ID / valuations / appraisals as they can / will not be responded to.

2) Want an ID / Valuation of a sword or other edged weapon?

Simply want to know what you have and its value? I charge £12 (GBP) for this by PayPal.

Please, click the PayPal payment link below, make the payment, and you will receive an email address to send your images to.

PayPal only, sorry. If I can not ID / value your item, I will refund the payment. If you do not have a PayPal account, it is easy to open one or you can always have a friend with a PayPal account do this for you.

My IDs / Valuations are simple (see below example). I do not provide certificates. I do not get involved in provenance / consultancy. I do not provide translations, e.g. of Japanese blades (but I will tell you where you can get a Japanese blade translation for free).

Typical ID / valuation of mine

Victorian British 1895 Infantry Officer's Sword
UK Auction Value: £250 to £300
UK Retail / Insurance Value: £700

I only value in GBP based on UK auction / retail prices.
I do not enter into discussions about IDs / valuations, sorry.
I will not respond unless payment by PayPal is made.